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Reasons To Vote “YES” On Proposition #1, The Sewer Tax Cap,
Creation of Suffolk County Sewer District No. 26. -- Melville Huntington


Suffolk County has been operating 25 sewer treatment plants and sewer districts since the 1960’s and has many well trained employees with knowledge and experience in the operation and maintenance of a sewer treatment plant.


Suffolk County ownership means that residents are protected from both legal and financial liability. All liability is assumed by the County. The County has set up a fund (ASRF) to provide long term stabilization rates protecting residents against potential deficits and unexpected costs at any of the County owned STP’s.

Sewer Tax Cap

Suffolk County ownership means that all Greens residents are protected in that all Suffolk County operated STP’s have an annual rate increase cap of 3%. This means that the County cannot increase the rate by more than 3% in any one year. There are no such rate increase limits on a private operator.

(See Assessment Stabilization Reserve Fund)

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